1. Sometimes the world doesn’t put up with you. You’re handed a big fat NO and told to deal with it. As kids, these minor admonishments were HUGE deals. 

    I was always extreme in this regard. I’m not talking about whispering the absolute worst swear words under my breath. No no. Saying “Stupid” and “Butthole” wasn’t cathartic in these moments.

    What I would do was sulk and think how my parents would react if I died. Flying to Singapore to buy my Bionicle replacement part wouldn’t seem so unreasonable then huh!

    Guys, get off your (unbelievably cute) asses and send submissions here! Its about the HUMAN experience; not just my dumb stories.

  2. This company absolutely dominated the early part of the mobile era. And that is why, regardless of all its failures, its going to stick around in our memory for AT LEAST a generation more.

    I remember playing Snake with my cousins all night long. Beating each others high scores till the break of dawn till our dads pried them from our hands in the morning. 

  3. Star Wars was really a mystery to me till college. I had absolutely no idea about the plot, and yet I was LucasArts’ biggest marketer (you’re welcome, George :p)

    I knew about the battles, about the traps, the gunfights, the Wookies! but I had no idea how these things linked up. I remember using empty water bottles as lightsabers and re enacting duels with my friends.

  4. Childhood is a time of exploration.Initially, imagination and reality are indistinguishable, but slowly we begin to draw the dividing line. After a million waves of makeshift wands we chuck magic into the realm of imagination. Our experiments in mind-control do little else than make the subjects of our stares extremely uncomfortable. So that notion also gets put aside. And through this gradual shedding, we leave behind this whimsically optimistic person we once were. But we never forget that hope our past selves had.

  5. The weekend had begun and the clock approached 10 P.M. Homework, food, chores were all over. Me and my sister were plunked on the sofa in the living room at Hour 3 in our cartoon marathon. As Spongebob ended and Kenan and Kel’s theme song rang in my ears, drowsiness crept up on me.

    From that point on, reality and imagination began to merge. I lost sense of whether I was watching the show or making it up myself. Lines from the show popped up in my head and I marveled at my creativity. I directed the show in my dreams.

    Sleep would take me blissfully, effortlessly during this wonderfully confusing adventure.

  6. Toothpicks are pointy, swords are pointy. Certain toothpicks have grooves on one side for grip and all useful swords sport this essential design. I’d spend hours thrusting and parrying toothpick swords together, imagining the most heroic of plots. 

  7. As children, we highly value symbols and artifacts. Ihad a drawer that I had claimed as my own and within it I kept the things important to me. Anything which, in my mind, had historical or religious value would find a place in that drawer. To me, my grandfather’s book about the history of the Subcontinent held facts and wisdom I wouldn’t find elsewhere. A broken chandelier crystal from a mosque that my parents found on their travels would protect me from its home in my drawer.

    As we grow older, this value starts to return to us. This time, however, I believe its because of memories that those objects inspire.

  8. We tried everything: watching movies, playing games, even allocating shifts. But our goal eluded us still. Halfway through, eyes started to droop, resolves weakened and someone said they were just lying down, just resting their eyes. It was after many years of trying that I and my friends managed to stay up the whole night. I still remember the groggy elation I felt when we went to the roof to see the sunrise after our first all-nighter

  9. Many of you recall Daphne as the orange-haired girl in Scooby Doo. But to me she was so much more. Because you see, ladies and gentleman, she was also my first kiss. I haven’t shared this with anyone but I’m hoping that there are others out there who have fallen for cartoons. My love was forbidden, it was taboo. I waited till no one could see and went close to the TV. I leaned in, felt the static on my lips and ran out of the room.

  10. Today's Remains ˟: were we the only ones?


    So everyone knows that it’s the driver that pushes a lever to let people know you’re turning your car right or left, right? Well, when my brother & I were younger, we thought cars were super smart and made that decision for us.

    Back then, every time we got to a streetlight we would ask our…


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